Doing Good Work in Bad Times

Doing Good Work in Bad TimesWhen you are busy gathering all of your resources to do good work, things like emotional upheavals, personal business, and coworker trouble can really mess you up concerning all of your good intentions to do your high quality job tasks.

Well, there is a way around this. Of course, no one is truly adapted to separating their minds from their emotions except as a survival skill, so unless you grew up in a dangerous home or you have dealt with a lot of people who engage in substance abuse in your life you will probably not like the way this separation feels.

However, the separation of the mind and the emotions is a necessary survival skill on the jobsite, for sure. There is no way around it. You cannot accomplish what you need to accomplish in your professional life if you are not able to turn off your emotions and adopt an unemotional, but still sincere, professional demeanor. This keeps work from affecting your personal life and it keeps you sane during your major working hours. It also helps regulate your own emotions so that you can easily adapt to new and formidable pressures, and so that you can take all of this with equanimity and freedom of emotion yourself.

Employee drug testing helps you to do good work in bad times. You see, when employees are required to be fit for duty and they must pass their screening tests to be considered so, you will find that they will raise their expected level of performance…or their function will fall more sharply. By setting the standard higher, you are requiring that your workers either make the cut or leave. Alcohol tests and drug testing are perfect for setting this minimum level of professional behavior, though as likely as not, you will also have standard company policies governing other forms of behavior.

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