Does Workplace Cleanliness Affect Overall Substance Abuse?

Is it really true that cleanliness is next to holiness? Well, it may not make any of us any more righteous that we were before, but it sure contributes to important issues like safety, morale and confidence.

In research performed by Michael O’Toole, he examines how employee perception of safety is crucial to an organizational culture. [1] Companies which have limited funds available to deal with on-the-job injuries are trying to find ways in which they can organize and manage smarter, in more effective ways. It was found that injury rates were tied to the management’s commitment to safety, which in turn impacted employee perception of safety. Not only were work-related risks increased, but production decreased and efficiency decreased, which were both related to employee perception of lack of safety. These findings support the fact that management should consider drug and alcohol testing more than just company protocol, but also a part of safety procedures.

Cleanliness contributes to two measures of satisfaction: safety and aesthetic appeal. Arthur Brief and Howard Weiss state that the workplace and how it appears affects the attitudes of the employees. [2] This is not just how their mindsets are directly affected, but also how the employees think of the company itself, how it is set up and how they view the upper management. It is based partly upon aesthetic appeal, but also on spacious areas and light colors, which especially affect mood during the winter months and when the employee works long hours.

Brief and Weiss also discuss how influences in the workplace are two-sided. Not only does the organizational structure affect the moods of the employees, but employees’ moods also affect the company. Therefore, it is vital to maintain excellent management-staff relations, not only for the sake of the staff, but also for the sake of everyone. Reactions, disbursement, temperaments, feelings of well-being, and creativity are all a part of the company atmosphere and organizational standard.

Substance abuse testing and cleanliness are one and the same. They each contribute to the internal health of the organization. Any company cannot base their success solely upon revenue. People (both staff and customers), creativity, innovation, acceptance and bonding, workplace environments, and healthy communication are all factors in a strong organization.

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