Does The New Tech Age Still Find Testing Relevant?

Of course it does. We are a company which sells drug and alcohol testing equipment. We certainly would not tell you otherwise. On a more serious note: we will explain why. Research by Murphy, Thornton and Reynolds shows us a detailed picture of how drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is seen by employees. [1] They found that factors such as experience, abuse by other individuals, politics, job experience and qualifications were all irrelevant. They simply did not factor into the personal perspectives of the staff at all. However, personal drug and alcohol abuse was positively correlated with negative reactions to testing, as well as inconsistent expectations of who is tested. In other words, if there was a disparity of testing or frequency of testing between management and lower-level employees, the testing procedures were seen in a strongly negative light, even by some members of management.

This research applies to the current age of high-tech innovation, even though drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is still gaining wider and wider acceptance across all industries.

What does this mean for you and your business? It is important to recognize the human aspect of every single company, no matter how technologically advanced or modern it is. A robot is not reading this blog; you are. You encounter feelings of competitiveness, jealousy, aggression, creativity, innovation, ideology, and hope. You may be able to completely shut these parts of humanity down for long periods of time, but not permanently. You still must interact with others inside of working, familial and economical communities. Your job must be seen, by you, as something worthwhile, gainful and positive. If other coworkers are receiving better treatment simply because they outrank you, then your urge to fight back is strong. If you are denied the freedom to show up to work drunk, then you may view company policy on drug and alcohol testing as complete ignorance.

The human aspect of innovative technology will never leave. There will always be individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol, and efficiently running businesses will always need to employ regular drug and alcohol testing procedures in order to remain efficient. The weaknesses, fragility, stresses and power of human interaction requires this need to be filled. Your company is a living, breathing organism of growth and productivity, and testing keeps this organism alive and flourishing.


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