Disengaging from Abusive Coworkers

Disengaging from Abusive CoworkersLet us say that you love your job, or are at least satisfied with it, and that you have abusive coworkers with whom you do not wish to associate and about whom you frequently have negative thoughts. This is a dual-sided situation. Not only can someone make themselves obnoxious, but others can choose to see them as obnoxious. Both sides of this situation must occur in order for a worksite to be plagued with abusive coworkers. There must be a bully, and there must be a recognition of the bully.

For you to achieve some measure of clarity and therefore rid yourself of the energy of this person, you must take one of those two factors under your control. You cannot change and really can in no way alter the behavior of a person without their consent. The alternative, then, is to manage and control to what extent they are able to affect you.

This all sounds very simple on paper, doesn’t it?

As we all know, though, principles are great until you encounter an emotional situation where the individual in question is directly attacking you or someone with whom you associate. Then it becomes an all out war in your mind, where you are willing to fight dirty and take them down systematically, if just to gain control over your world again.

And the only thing which can make an emotional situation worse is if one or both of you have low emotional intelligence. At that point, you are subject to reactions, which are entirely out of your control, rather than your straightforward logical thinking. This is why we distribute employee drug testing equipment.

Though the systematic and cool universe of drug testing in Western Australia, you can make sure that everyone is keeping themselves under control. After all, you are liable for injuries on the jobsite resulting from an inebriated or high employee. You bear, by law, some of the burden of such workplace liabilities.

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