Diseases of Prediction

Diseases of PredictionWhen you look at the diseases which are common to drug abusers, there are some names which almost always spring to your mind. AIDS, Herpes, HIV, and the Staph Infection are all examples of diseases which are readily associated with drug abuse.

Why is this the case?

The answer lies in how drug addicts transfer these diseases to one another. In another article, we discussed diseases and promiscuity, and the subject arose that many drug addicts are so desirous of their “fix” that they will do anything in order to get their drugs, even sell themselves on the street. This means that people who are not careful about their sexual activities are most likely to get diseases which are deadly or permanent. This lack of social awareness and lack of proper checking up on their partner leads to serious consequences.

AIDS and HIV are related and they often kill the person, either quickly and young, or slowly over time and painfully. This means that being loose with your body can really cost you in the end.

The same thing applies with your mind and emotions.

When drug addicts contract diseases which are predictable among drug abusing communities, the added stress of the sickness can lead to further drug abuse. HIV can easily be contracted by sharing needles when injecting drugs into their system. There are so many ways in which the filth and grime of the streets can get inside the world of a true drug addict and permeate their air and their clothing with sickness and disease.

While you may not be able to check all of your employees for contagious diseases before hiring them, you can at least help to control the problem by implementing very legal company policies to enforce employee drug testing while on the worksite. This is really helpful in the situations where you are not sure about a particular employee, but you are worried about singling someone out or discriminating against someone just based upon your suspicions.

Don’t be in the dark.

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