Discrimination and the Stress Factor

We are all discriminated against for one reason or another. This does not make us bad people, nor does it make our judges people to be Discrimination and the Stress Factorcondemned, either. In fact, discrimination happens all the time, so often that it is impossible to get through the day without making at least fifty judgments of other people and accruing a hundred and fifty more yourself!

What many non-alcoholics do not understand is that this regular normal discrimination is just a part of how humans interact with each other. While, yes, it would be nice if we all had world peace and got along no matter what, the truth is that human’s judge! We judge and we judge and we judge. There is no way around it.

When an addict feels judged and takes it personally (even though we all do it all the time), you can tell that they need a drink or a smoke or a toke. They get fidgety and stressed and anxious. This is because they do not feel that normal, high numb state that they are usually in when something stressful happens.

Of course, all of this seems like such small matter in comparison with the substance abuse they are going through. I mean, really, who doesn’t discriminate against others for some reason or another? For addicts, though, it is definitely personal and they take it that way.

What you and your business need is some drug test equipment. Through the use of employee drug testing, your company can really keep an eye on whether or not your employees are abusing substances and bringing these thoughts and paranoia into the workplace. An addict doesn’t just affect themselves and the friends and family with whom they have the most contact. Their depression is like an airborne disease which infects everyone around them, in the office, on the golf course, and at home. It is for this reason that CMM Technology recommends our drug test equipment for you, including our ultra-reliable Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. Be sure to discriminate among the drug testing suppliers in Australia. Choose CMM Technology and you will not regret your decision: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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