Discriminate Against Your Books

Urine drug testBeing the “bookish” type does not automatically make you better than others, although it certainly does improve your reputation among most people. Books give off a certain energy, they reeducate an individual, and they impart so much information that it is hardly surprising that people who read books often are respected and looked up to.

However, there are times when you really have to be picky. If you really are an avid reader, then you must be picky at another level, too. You must discriminate against your books. You must demand that they are well written and authoritative and comprehensive and truly informative. Books which are poorly researched or which are just written for the money are pretty clear. They are stock full of filler material, key concepts are repeated about ten times too often throughout the book, and you come away from it feeling as if you have not really spent your time wisely.

Books are powerful and they carry a lot of weight in your education (and not just because books are notoriously heavy). However, books which are written just so that someone can be quoted as an author of some popular bathroom reading material really shouldn’t make the cut.

Read often, but read well. Sometimes, a good book will feel as if you have just eaten something very solid and very real when you finish it. It will feel full to your soul, if that’s not too esoteric.

On the other hand, drug abuse is the other way to feel full but actually be very empty. When your employees educate themselves so that their jobs have more meaning, you have a good staff. But when your workers spend their time escaping from the job, then employee drug testing is in order. Perhaps if they are so eager to escape from their responsibilities and their workload, you should comply and relieve them of these duties altogether. Whatever your decision, being fit for duty is required in every company, and urine drug tests and alcohol tests can really help you in determining who is fit for work and who isn’t. Set some standards and perhaps recommend a book or two. Call CMM Technology today to order your drug test equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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