Direct Attacks

Most people consider direct attacks to come in a variety of forms, physically, emotionally, spiritually, orDirect Attacks psychologically. However, a direct attack on your person can only be physical. Now, this point can be argued by others, since insults, and other forms of emotional hurtfulness can feel like attacks, but these are not direct. They cannot physically harm you. Think of it as a current of water or a river stream which is gushing around you. It cannot stop where you are and thus cannot be a blunt force on your physical body. It smoothly and silkily glides past you, aiming for you, but never hitting you.

Direct attacks, unless we are talking about direct hitting from physical abuse, only occur in the mind, and it is an insult to abuse victims to make verbal and emotional abuse into anything equivalent to physical abuse. Attacks of any kind are rarely directed at the person to whom they are given. Most individuals are, in fact, battling the past, which has a funny way of showing up and making us feel helpless and unwanted and out of control of our lives. In fact, even physical abuse does not have this power, except what we have given to it. This means that even victims are responsible for how much physical abuse actually affects them or is carried with them or emerges from their psyche years later. This has even happened to the author of this article, so there is not a pitiless regard of this matter. There is, instead, a clear understanding of human nature and underlying motives which cause us to do things which we later cannot fathom the reasoning thereof.

Direct attacks do not, in essence, exist except in the way that it exists in our minds. Even perpetrators of physical abuse rarely violently attack their victims for the purpose of physically maiming them, but of emotionally or psychologically dismembering them. Even their seemingly direct attacks have indirect motivation and indirect consequences. Victims of physical abuse are far more likely to be controlled by the threat of violence, than by the violence itself.

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