Diplomacy and Wisdom

In wartime, strategy is almost as important as numbers, technology and brute force. For example, if a battle absolutely must Diplomacy and Wisdombe lost, it is far better to retreat or surrender and then return later on with renewed troops, supplies and intelligence, rather than losing more lives trying to win a losing battle. Strategy is always this important, because it means that the individual or leadership can view reality for what it really is and manipulate their armies to more relevant and important places, losing as few lives as possible. Wisdom and diplomacy tie hand in hand, for without one it is very difficult to develop the other. Wisdom means that you are able to see the depth and reason behind certain situations and people, and you are able to act based upon the core reason rather than based upon the perceived reason. Diplomacy means that you take your decision and present it to others in the most effective and efficient manner, while also keeping their own humanity and emotional reactions in mind.

In business, wisdom see beyond all of the progress reports and actually looks at real situations and real people and who is influential and who is not. Diplomacy may or may not involve kissing up, but it certainly involves behaving kindly and generously, even when customers, coworkers or even executives are cranky, difficult, or incompetent. The two of these working together, wisdom and diplomacy, form a wonderful union based upon self reliance and competency. When implementing drug and alcohol testing, wisdom and diplomacy come into play here, as well. For example, wisdom would make an employer expect a certain amount of employee turnover and prepare him or her for proper methods of determining recruitment and job safety. Diplomacy would involve using drug tests as a scientific evaluation, rather than giving in to emotion and hiring and firing people based purely upon gut instinct and likeability.

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