Different Varieties of Emotional Investment

Drug And Alcohol TestingWhen dealing with anything from casual dating to long term company mergers, there are cues which you must be able to read. If your date keeps checking their watch, or if the head of merging company is suddenly arrested on fraud charges, then these cues indicate that your time may be wasted with them. However, consistency and strength are always considered to be positive attributes of emotional cues.

Any business must be able to operate effectively, and that requires communication. Without the ability to openly correct or question directions from above, the environment can be filled with fear and dependent upon a tightly organized system of help among the underlings. This situation was outlined in the book, “The Power of Habit,” by Charles DuHigg, when a hospital fostered a spirit of intolerance from suggestions and reminders from the nursing staff, resulting in a long series of highly mismanaged surgeries and treatment. In the book, a nurse described a little boy whose leg needed to be operated on. Even the eight-year-old child knew the reputation of this hospital and urgently asked the nurse to make sure that they did surgery on the correct leg.

Emotional investment can either be too high or too low. There can be different types of emotional investment, such as thinking a situation is non-romantic when it is, or believing in your child, even though their DNA is tied to the crime. Humans screw up on emotional investment all the time, due to differences in perception. Something like drug or alcohol abuse among employees can make the difference between an injured coworker and a safe working environment.

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