Different Reactions to Trouble

Different Reactions to TroubleTrouble comes in many forms, but different personality types and different environments of origin determine how different people respond to it. For example, when one young adult messes up, they tend to try to correct the fault and face the music, while another may believe that all is lost and that they have to get out while the getting’ s good. In other words, some interpret the information correctly and some distort the information, engaging in overkill. Some take the problem in stride, while others way overreact.

You cannot choose, or even know about, different backgrounds from which your employees have come. They will all react to trouble in completely different ways, some more helpful or constructive than others. In times like these, your employees need a leader. They need someone who will set an example and guide them on the straight and narrow path toward acceptable reactions. This is the time for things like drug and alcohol screening. Drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices set a precedent for what is expected from all of your hard working employees. They now have a solid concept of what is expected and what will not be tolerated.

Reactions to trouble are not the only reactions which will cause problems for your business. Many employees will react to the drug testing program itself, looking for a way out, refusing to take drug tests, and looking for a way to be an exception to the rule. It is important to be able to discern between an emotional reaction based upon their individual past, and a con game or manipulation which they may try to use to get out of something. If all else fails, and there seems to be a problem in the workplace or on the job site, drug and alcohol testing is the solution. Try out Lion SD 400, our Oraline drug tests, and our Medix equipment for your employee drug test and alcohol breathalyser tests. CMM Technology exists to provide this equipment to drug testing operations, and workplaces, and onsite testing services. Also, try out Alert J5 Personal Breathalyser devices. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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