Determination and Strength of Stability

As with cigarette lighters, very few of us take determination seriously. We use what we need and then we throw the restDetermination and Strength of Stability away. It is no big deal. However, determination used to be considered a virtue and it was written about in books of character not sixty years ago. What changed and why is determination no longer concentrated on as a basis of strength and stability?

At some point, the lifestyle of first world countries became so transparent and easy to navigate that, without using any perseverance, determination, or internal strength, one can live a fairly comfortable life without being subjected to too many bad or unsavory characters. While the quality of living has increased enormously, the effort taken to increase that quality of living has become almost zero.

Stability, while almost inherit in most parts of our society, filling up the spaces in between the buildings, is no longer valued or concentrated upon in private lives by individual forethought. Stability is not valued, much as determination is not valued. The result is an undefined amount of leisure and relative safety, without personal stability or effort being put into increase or betterment of lifestyle. In fact, one can almost appreciate the peasant classes and rich, well educated, and well to do classes of less than a century ago, because at least then one had something to strive for. At this point in time, our comfortable and luxurious society in general has created starvation and danger in individual choices.

To return to a life of seeking value and increasing one’s own resources dramatically, it is necessary to value and properly take care of and maintain the resources we already have. After all, the habit must be rebuilt. Workplace drug testing and alcohol testing is valuable in the stability and the increase of net worth of your business. Employee drug and alcohol testing is a purposeful effort in maintaining and growing our resources. That is why CMM Technology is in business today. We want to regain the growth of yore. Call us today for more information concerning drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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