Demanding Power

There is a point at which demanding power is good and proper.

Many individuals feel that “power” is a corrupting thing, which in itself corrupts humans, as if it is some sort of devilish spirit which enters into humans and does irreparable damage. Unfortunately, it is seen this way, but the truth is that many humans have done great good with power, because they are able to handle it. In fact, many humans are able to handle and utilize power quite effectively. They are not seen as powerful. They are seen as great leaders.

Unfortunately, just as many humans earn power, but are not given it. This is because they have not yet learned how to demand it. Demanding power is a useful tool to possess, because it means that you are demanding the respect and proper treatment which you have already earned. Usually, individuals who have earned power and do not possess it are people who have lived with alcoholics or drug addicts and have been starved of this commodity for too long. They often learn how to abuse it, even though they also know how to utilize it, and sometimes show this abuse through violent or public reactions. It is a way of fighting back after all their years of being weak and helpless.

Demanding power requires taking it by will, but not by force. Many individuals who take it by force are seen as not having a life and not being able to control themselves. Taking power by will means that you demand that other people treat you with respect and when they do not, you are able to appropriately show their behavior to be unreasonable and out-of-control. If you are not able to show their behavior as such, then you may be taking it by force, rather than by will.

Demanding power is a concentrated and powerful form of demanding lasting and continuous respect. While you are exercising these skills, demand knowledge of how seriously your employees take their job by implementing employee drug and alcohol testing in your workplace. Call CMM Technology: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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