Defining Your Own Space

Personal boundaries are some of the hardest things to pin down and define and keep stable. Either you seem to invite too many people into your personal space and allow yourself to be screwed over in some way, or your draw into yourself too harshly and become far too introspective for your own good, cutting beloved and trusted friends and family out of even the most social parts of your life. On top of this, once you believe that you have hit a solid equilibrium between the two worlds, it can all come crashing down when the spoken opinions of others tell you that you are being too naïve or too closed in.

Defining your personal space takes a great deal of risk taking and boldness and subtlety and discretion. In other words, it is a sea with two shores and tides which fluctuate in between the two shores. Fortunately, many people who are well rounded and psychologically healthy are able to wash these waves up on both shores and keep themselves in the middle. These are people who understand that personal relationships and working relationships are not easily defined and navigated, and take a great deal of time and patience to work out the kinks. Numbers are predictable, art is subjective, but people…people are another matter entirely. Relationships with people can be influence and manipulated, but in the end the dominant traits of both parties will be the deciding factors in how the relationship becomes defined and how the two people relate to each other.

Unfortunately, drug addicts and alcoholics do not recognize that relationships with people grow and change over time and that these require time and patience and commitment to nuking it out with the other person when you both roll over a hard part. These people believe incorrectly that this is supposed to be simple and that when it gets hard then it must be incorrect, and they tend to either leave or become emotionally or physically irrational with the other person.

Fortunately, drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is designed to be able to identify these people, especially should they become a threat to your business or personal assets. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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