Defining Friends for this Stage of Your Life

At any stage in your life, you need good food, good shelter, and good friends. However, you will find as you grow olderDefining Friends for this Stage of Your Life that you change your friends, seemingly accidentally, but in fact this happens on purpose. As you grow and change and add onto your previous self, you change your companions to match and support and compliment your new self. At any point in your life, simply changing your friends that you see and visit with on a regular basis will change your attitudes about various things and your regular habits. However, the change in your tends to happen first, because changing your friends first can really be painful and stressful.

Wealth studies indicate that the average income of your five closest friends determines your income pretty closely. Wealth acquisition and maintenance seminars urge you to change your friends to a higher income, because then you will begin to think like them and behave like them, mimicking their wealth creating habits. While this process can be extremely effective and life changing, it also requires identifying and addressing habits within yourself with which you may have become very comfortable.

A middle ground can perhaps be found for those who do not crave turning their life upside down and embarking on all new adventures. In this scenario, perhaps it would be best to instead shoot for friends in a category slightly above yours, gradually making your life, lifestyle and income equal to theirs. After this, you can become comfortable (in other words, well habituated) with this income, before moving on to friends in a slightly higher category. This takes a lot more time, and it slows down the required adjustment time to a level that is perhaps easier to maintain for those who are not adept at taking on whole new changes in a drastic fashion. It also solidifies habits a great deal.

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