Debunking Common Drug Testing Myths

It seems that as each day passes, a new myth is born about how a person can pass or fail a drug test. Not only are many of these myths completely untrue, but some of the more popular ones are actually dangerous. Obviously, the most effective way to pass a drug test is not to take drugs and the methods of cheating the system that are to follow are about as ridiculous as they come. From drinking an excessive amount of certain fluids to overdosing on over the counter medications, be wary of the many attempts that people will make to hide the fact that they are doing drugs.

Marijuana is the most common drug that people will try to cover up in a drug test, and due to the fact that THC attaches itself to fat cells, it is virtually impossible to disguise the presence of THC in a urine sample. A common myth is that drinking an excessive amount of water will help flush the THC out of a person’s system. In reality however, all that drinking a lot of water will do is dilute the test and allude to the fact that the person is trying to cheat the system. Vinegar and pickle juice yield the same result as water while dehydrating the person’s body in the process.

An extremely dangerous method of passing drug screens recently is to take an overdose of aspirin. Overdosing on aspirin will not help anyone pass a drug test and it can actually cause kidney and liver failure if the overdose is severe. Other myths have circulated that taking ibuprofen will result in a positive drug test result. The moral of the story is that over the counter pain medications don’t influence urine or saliva drug tests in any way.

Finally, be very wary of the cleansing systems that are advertised on the internet. These systems are advertised to flush all of the toxins out of a person’s system and, as a result, clear the urine of all traces of drugs. However, THC metabolite stays in our fat cells and will continue to come out in our urine for anywhere between days to months. Cleansing systems may be very good for cleaning out our digestive tracts, but they are no way to pass a drug test.

Lastly, urine and saliva drug tests will pick up any trace of drug metabolite in a person’s system. However, to test positive for drugs, an individual must exceed a cutoff point that eliminates the possibility of having contact with a drug through a friend or family member. For this reason, common fears that coming in contact with marijuana smoke will cause a positive drug test result are unfounded.

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