Dealing With Drug and Alcohol Abuse In Your Personal Life

onsite drug testing,employee drug testingWhile we spend a great deal of time influencing your business matter when it comes to dealing with intoxicated employees and how to handle those unpleasant situations, it is important to remember the personal aspect of drug and alcohol abuse. If you are going through a personal struggle with substance abuse, then a few tips can make the journey to a cleaner life more enjoyable.

Recognize the value of community

Most of the dissatisfaction which occurs in our lives stems from being unable to have the relationships in our lives which we would like to have, or to successfully navigate these relationships. When these attempts to correct our personal development fall through, it can be tempting to remove oneself from all community involvement. James E. Crowfoot and Julia Marie Wondolleck discuss how influential and helpful to both personal development and public interaction these community associations really are. [1]

Recognize the value of solitude

Alcoholism typically leads to isolation anyway and drug dependence can lead to being ostracized from your friends and family. However, as long as you are working on your community involvement, solitude can also be a helpful tool in achieving a healthy, normal life. It enables you to be honest with yourself without fear of judgment from others and to actually delve into the real reasons why you are abusing drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse is not a cause but a symptom of a deeper, hidden problem. Usually, the individual is trying to distract themselves from a missing core self esteem, honesty about a failed or successful relationship, or fear about anything. Anthony Storr describes how valuable solitude can be when used appropriately. As Charles de Gaulle so aptly put it: Dans le tumulte des hommes et des evenements, la solitude etait ma tentation. Maintenant, elle est mon amie. De quelle autre se contenter quand on a rencontre l’Histoire? (In the tumult of men and events, solitude was my temptation; now it is my friend. What other satisfaction can be sought once you have confronted History?). [2]

Emotional weakness and lack of perspective

Drug abuse and alcoholism make up for emotional blocks or holes we have in our lives, and we abuse these substances in order to avoid dealing with the original stress. After abuse has occurred even for a short period of time, perspective on life, relationships, personal issues and ourselves is skewed and distorted. While you are recovering from your addictions, remember that the world is not as it currently appears to be, because your emotional growth and discernment is drastically impaired.

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