Deadlines and Perceived Pressure

Workplace Drug Testing, Urine Drug Test, Employee Drug TestingPressure is in the eye of the beholder. When a high energy, high risk job involves lots of pressure, it tends to attract people who do not really see pressure as a negative quality. They enjoy lots of social interaction, they make great sales leaders, and they are quite happy meeting deadlines and staying up late to accomplish all of their tasks on time. Stress, or lack thereof, relating to pressure is specific to each individual. Workplace drug testing is perceived by employees as unfair subordination, by managers as a way to keep the “unrulies” in line, by executives as a piece of cake and no big deal, and by investors as all too necessary.

Drug and alcohol testing is here to stay and it is important to focus on the benefits of this valuable service, rather than focusing the perceived unfairness. In fact, drug testing is extremely fair, because it leverages addicted executives down to the same level as addicted janitors. This is the definition of fairness, when it comes to business accomplishments and evaluation. Employee pre screening tests are necessary in order for the business to be a good investment. Investment is necessary for initial and ongoing funding of business expenses.

Most of the time, drug and alcohol testing receive a bad rap because of stress which employees are under at the time that they are giving evaluations of business practices to upper management. Today, the average person in a first-world country is so deeply in debt that, even if they do have a high quality retirement plan and they live alone with the expense of kids, they may not be fully out of debt by the time they retire. The future becomes bleaker because of this knowledge floating around in the back of your head. In addition to this, children must be cared for, corrected, and helped, spouses must be romanced often enough, relaxation must be obtained with friends, bills must be paid, groceries must be bought, and the consumer society must be fed its due share. The enormous stress which the average employed individual is under at any point during the day is overwhelming.  Workplace drug testing helps to relieve this stress by eliminating drug addicts and alcoholics from an already pressurized environment. Our work is about reducing this pressure and reducing this stress. At CMM Technology, our Medix and Oraline drug tests and our breathalyser tests are available when you need them: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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