Dangerous Crossroads in Drug Testing

onsite drug testingThis article is for businesses which are just now getting into the whole employee drug testing schematic. We will be discussing perceptions about the drug testing which many business owners have when they first start using it.

First, there is no limit to how far your learning of this process may go. You may think you have all of the rules and techniques down pat, but more will probably be made known to you in the future. In other words, there are always more things to know about and a better perspective to obtain.

Second, this article is not meant to be patronizing at all. You see, we know that you may consider employee drug testing a tool to find out who is abusing drugs or alcohol in your business, and that once you have found out which employees are doing that and have dealt with them appropriately, you don’t need the drug testing anymore until you hire more employees. Well, this is not always the case because someone who has successfully got past a few drug testing periods may fail the next one and show their hand all at once. In these cases, you will be glad that you stuck with the continuous process.

Also, in addition to the above example, one or more of your employees may begin abusing substances while they are working at your company. If they have always tested clean before now and their test results change, well, you should know about that. So, you see, employee drug testing must, by its very nature, be a continuous process which continually screens your workers for any potential drug or alcohol abuse.

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