Cycles of Sleep

Ever since electricity began to be mass produced and sent to households everywhere, humans have been trying to get control over their sleep schedules. Before that time, we rose at dawn and went to bed when the sun went down. However, since electricity was invented and successfully mass produced to every home in the first world nations and most everywhere else, we have swayed and slaughtered and rebuilt our sleeping schedules, much like mini cities in which we run our own empires. Our tool is time, and we wield our power with our alarm clocks.

Unfortunately, many people today do not plan for sleep. They plan for morning activities, and they plan for evening activities, and if anything runs behind during the day, they simply push the whole schedule back until they arrive home at 9pm instead of at 7pm. They simply do not PLAN for sleep. It happens in between late night faxes and early morning power breakfasts. It is what fills in the space between getting home and leaving the next morning.

This type of behavior can really mess you up, and any college student will attest to that fact. Sleep, like any other function or need of the body such as eating and recreating, must be timed and planned and, most importantly, completed. You cannot function normally if you leave such an important function as sleep for the little space of time between late nights and early business meetings. It is like learning to ignore hunger until all of your work is complete at the end of the day. Everyone tends to agree that food needs to be consumed throughout the day, just as sleep needs to be received throughout the night. It is in your best interests to never leave your sleep unfinished or started late. Just as you would never treat a business associate wrong by chronically arriving late to meet them, it is important to never treat yourself that way, either.

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