Cycles of Cities and Companies

Cities and companies operate differently, and this is fair, considering that businesses do not allow wasteful employees in their midst but Cycles of Cities and Companiescompanies allow every citizen imaginable in their midst. The cycles of these two entities are very different and yet very interesting once you understand them. Did you know that every business fails? Well, what about cities? Unless it was a small town founded upon gold mining or some other type of “rush” to the area, very few small town turn into ghost towns, and cities fail only when bombed and then not even all the time.

What makes cities so resilient and companies so fallible?

The answer lies in what is allowed to go to waste. Businesses, by their very nature, must produce and only have abundance, but if up to forty percent of the staff was wasting time and being a drag on the company, then it would go under very quickly.

On the other hand, cities survive because they are filled up to forty percent with crime, starvation, and other drags on the system. This means that, contrary to popular opinion, cities survive because they contain both waste and surplus. This means that the two entities are so inherently different that to run one like the other would be folly.

In the business world, it is often thought that small businesses should not be run like large companies and that if you know all of your employees, it would not be wise to try to subject them to employee drug testing. This is precisely the reason why you SHOULD subject them to drug testing, though. When someone is able to get by with fraud, if they have a fraudulent nature, then they will take advantage of a small intimate setting to get away with whatever they can. Lack of drug testing and alcohol screening is part of this. Everyone should be screened, no matter who they are. This protects the entire organization. Take a look at the drug test equipment that we have available for your perusal. Make sure your employees are fit for duty when they come in to work. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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