Cutting Out the Dead Tissue

Cutting Out the Dead TissueSurgeons, and anybody else in the medical profession, understand that dead tissue cannot exist right beside live tissue without contaminating it. In fact, it was once a common practice to amputate legs and limbs which seemed to be contaminated with dead or dying tissue. This is because dead things rot and spoil, and live tissue exists best in an atmosphere of good nutrition, good oxygen intake, and lots of live stimulation. Dead things rot and spoil anything which is next to them. In fact, modern hygiene began when doctors found that high infant mortality rates occurred if they delivered babies right after performing an autopsy, without washing their hands. Thus, hygiene has confirmed that the mixing of dead and live tissue is a powerful phenomenon and must be avoided.

In real life, the equivalent of dead tissue can be anything from a toxic person to someone just having a bad day. Anyone who has an attitude that is toxic enough is often asked to leave a conference or even to leave town altogether. Sometimes, dead tissue comes in the form of bad or self destructive thoughts. Sometimes, it is about bad or destructive behavior.

Drug abuse and alcoholism both fall under the heading of destructive behavior, and it is not just destructive to the people who are abusing the substance. It affects everyone around them, and thus the disease and the dead tissue spreads and infects a lot of people. Fortunately, this does not have to happen on your own jobsite. Employees can affect each other, especially if they have become close friends over the years, but employee drug and alcohol testing can identify and remove the problem magnets before they cause further damage, especially through the power of influence.

CMM Technology seeks to help you remove potentially toxic employees from your workplace through the use of workplace drug testing. Our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices will do the trick. Call us today for more information concerning employee drug and alcohol testing. We would love to hear from you. Ask us about our calibration services today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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