Cutting Old Friend from Your Life

Cutting Old Friend from Your LifeMany rhymes and poetic ballads are centered around the value and worth of old friends. The difference between new friends and old is often quoted, and there are many times when the verse turns sentimental or memorial to an old friend of the author. Whatever old friends mean to you, they can be some of the most influential people in your life. You want to preserve your friendship, no matter what, and you can almost feel empty without these old dear friends in your life.

By the same token, if you have old friends who have fallen by the wayside and have turned to drugs and alcohol, you can be influenced into doing what they are doing in order to preserve the friendship.

Remember that anyone who forces you to abuse yourself in order to remain friends with them is no friend.

They may have been your friend once, but they cannot have both you and your addiction as the cost of friendship with you now. They are a different person at this point, and you should cut them out of your life, though this will be painful to do. One of the most painful things you may ever do is follow through in protecting yourself from your former friend who is now a different person, with different morals and different values.

Drug testing is meant to be protective and guarding in nature. Though screening tests cannot prevent workers from abusing substances, they can identify who is doing so and who is remaining responsible to their business of employment. If an old friend tests positive multiple times on employee alcohol or drug testing, you really may be safer by putting some distance between the two of you. However, there is no argument whatsoever that it will be painful as all get out. There is no other way to separate yourself from their newfound abuse, though.

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