Cultural Literacy and Your Knowledge Base

When someone enrolls in a speed reading program, they are given a sample of articles to practice on so that they can determine their speedCultural Literacy and Your Knowledge Base reading capabilities. They are asked to use articles which are of an interest to them but which they do not have a wide range of knowledge concerning. You see, in order to establish a baseline for their reading speed, they need to be able to measure their own comprehension first.

Your comprehension cannot be as accurately measured if you have a wide knowledge base about your subject matter.

Over the course of the speed reading program, you will not only be taught how to read faster but also how to gain higher comprehension, even than you did before you began the program. At this point, you will be encouraged to increase your knowledge base. This includes all of the random things about a culture that everyone in the culture generally knows. As you increase your knowledge base, your general speed of reading will also increase, since you have a foundation and partial recognition of all of the new information about which you are reading.

It’s a pretty effective program. Students are even asked to purchase and read The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy a little bit every day. This is recommended as being a way to increase their knowledge base and therefore their future reading speed when they delve into new subjects with their books.

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