Cue – Routine – Reward

Cue – Routine – RewardIn The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, he describes how easily habits can be changed. First, however, he talks about how bad and good habits of any type are created in the first place. To begin with, there is a cue. This cue can be what you do when you first wake up. It can be a certain time of day. It can be what happens every time you see or meet a certain person. Cues tend to illicit strong behavioral routines in the individual, even if they do not necessarily know about it. Duhigg describes how the next step is the routine, or the habit itself, which involves almost an automatic process by which different people behave. For instance, the cue may be becoming hungry from watching a fast food commercial, and the subsequent routine may be looking for something to eat while you watch television. The final step is the reward. This can be the emotional satisfaction from the food you eat, the temporary lift to your blood sugar, or even just the satisfaction that you completed your habitual routine as you always have and would always like to in the future.

In the workplace, breaking this routine can be problematic, and it involves some seriously strong managerial skills. In addition to this, changing behavioral routines involves some set company policies or rules which you must implement so that employees, especially those susceptible to low self discipline, know that certain expectations absolutely always apply. In our quest to help you gain better control over your business, we at CMM Technology invite you to order our drug tests and breathalyser devices for your employee drug testing needs. We offer Oraline drug tests and Medix drug testing kits. We also offer Lion SD 400 and 500, as well as LifeLoc FC10 personal breathalyser devices. The cue for your employees can be the regularly schedule drug testing, the routine can be to hold back on drug abuse and alcohol abuse in or near their workplace, and the reward can be their continued employment. Call CMM Technology today for more information on alcohol and drug testing equipment suppliers in Australia: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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