Creation and Destruction

Creation and destruction are two terms which are often coincided with good and evil. For many people creation is meant to depictCreation and Destruction green growth and budding fruit and happy chances. Destruction, on the other hand, is often associated with industrial military fires and demonic threats.

My pain evaporates, transformed into new growth and resilience and compost soil.” Thus, the author attempted to convey the necessity for life to experience both creation and destruction. Without one or the other, the life cycle and new growth cannot emerge. Without the cleansing force of destruction, creation does not have room to emerge and begin growing.

In the business marketplace, these truths are directly applied to business constructs. For example, employee drug testing is based solely upon the premise that companies must be aware of who is fit for duty and who is under the influence of substance abuse while on the jobsite. If you think about it, creation and destruction have their places in this scenario, too. Hard working, clear headed employees are part of the creative process. Employees who reveal substance abuse from drug test kits or alcohol test readings are considered to be dead weight which everyone else is pulling along. They can even be dangerous, too. Through the evaluative methods of screening tests, these employees are identified and fired or their record is marked. In this way, the cleansing power of destruction can clean away the excess and make room for new growth. It can make room for new, hard working, clear minded employees.

Lifeloc FC10 and our other products are meant to be used as evaluative screening tests, not condemnation tools. Your own business policy regulates how substance abusing employees are supposed to be dealt with. If you own or have founded your company, your own choices and decisions in this matter can change the policies for your business.

We hope you will understand the necessity for drug testing. We also hope that you will remember us when you are looking for a drug test equipment supplier. We provide a breathalyser recalibration service, too, so feel free to take advantage of that benefit. Many of our tests even have adulterant tests built right in. Visit us on the web or call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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