Other Jobsite Hazards

While you are busily running your employee drug and alcohol testing campaign, you may wish to be informed of other jobsite hazards which can occur in your workplace. For example, isolated incidents in the past involving showing up to work with a gun and killing several coworkers usually had to do with stress and feeling out of control of their lives. This is one article you will not want to miss.

Carelessness and all that goes with it. Employee carelessness primarily has to do with cleanliness when scrubbing up a jobsite, making sure that toxic chemicals never come in contact with human skin, and making sure that all physical safety protocols are followed. Needless negligence which leads to injury or fatality is laughable. Employees should be trained on what to do and know why they are doing it.

Fatigue and slow-moving zombies. Many of your employees act “lazy” when in fact they are extremely tired. This is usually the result of internal inflammation, lack of hydration, and lack of nutrition in their diets. While you cannot control how they eat at home, it may be a good idea to update your vending machine or make some healthy alternatives, both in food and drink, available on your jobsite.

Lack of direction, leading to lack of focus. When you only inform your employees of what they should be doing, without giving them some insight into why something works a certain way or what their next steps will be, then you are sabotaging them and sabotaging yourself by assuming that they do not have the brains to be responsible and exercise their power for good. Make sure your employees have clearly defined tasks and that they understand a little of the big picture and how their immediate actions are helping the company as a whole.

Employee drug and alcohol testing is excellent for identifying and eliminating possible drug related and alcohol related accidents. However, there are other signs, including stress and fatigue which must also be watched for. If you do not maintain awareness of your workplace at all times, then individuals who need help, or even just a break, may snap. Call CMM Technology today for drug and alcohol testing equipment:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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