CraftsmanshipYou do not often hear the word “craftsmanship” anymore. It is not something that tends to get thrown around, unless you are in advertising or you live in an Amish village and actually “craft” things by hand.

Today, we say things have a nice, sleek design or are very modern and cool looking. There is no artistry behind the object, or none that we can see. The word “craftsmanship” has an artist behind it. It tells us a story. It is indigo and red granite. It is that time you stayed up all night and watched the sun rise. It is that kick in the heart when you hear the national anthem sung by forty thousand people in unison.

Craftsmanship is honor earned. It is true, because it is human. It is ours.

Today, craftsmanship does not have a reputation anymore. Today, we look at the numbers, notice our employee turnover and demand more drug testing. We demand to know why so many of our retained employees have tested positive once or twice on their screening tests. Should we change company policy in order to reduce employee turnover? Would that increase the turnover rate, instead?

Perhaps we need to use different drug test kits. Let’s look online for a good company which distributes drug test equipment all over Australia.

And we get on the computer. And we look up a company which might bring us better numbers.

Craftsmanship? We turn our heads away and think about alcohol breathalyser devices. Who offers a breathalyser recalibration service? We’ll go with CMM Technology. They seem like a good company.

We ignore the word “craftsmanship.” It means nothing to us. We believe in our charts and our expense reports and our business bottom line and who is taking a vacation on what days. Is there someone who can come in and cover for them? Sure, there are few employees who can take their place while they are away with their families. What about the company taxes? Where is the latest tax report?

And little does anyone guess what craftsmanship was put into the drug testing products which will be delivered to your door from CMM Technology: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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