Crack Cocaine and Violence

Chain Of Custody, Alcohol Test, Employee Drug TestingIt is well known that whatever drug is abused only serves to increase personality and character traits which are already inside of a person. For that reason, it is impossible to say that some specific drug like crack cocaine is the cause of violence and physical abuse. However, repressed or not-so-suppressed tendencies already existing inside of an individual and which are normally kept under control when in public can be easily released out into the open when that person abuses crack cocaine and other abusive substances. Drug and alcohol testing only serves as a mediator between employers and potentially problem employees. It cannot completely eliminate abusive behavior. It can only serve to eliminate that behavior from the jobsite or give cause to fire the employee if the behavior does not change.

Crack cocaine tends to exhibit violence in two personality types.

First, individuals who are readily aggressive, usually not very in control of their actions or barely so, and who are naturally strong and forceful characters. Cocaine makes the individual feel really good, and it also makes that person feel invincible. This feeling of invincibility occurs in both personality types because it is an inherent characteristic of crack cocaine and the aggressively strong individual will not even realize their own boundaries or the boundaries of anyone else when they make their move or begin physical pushing. Their world will literally seem without walls or boundaries and they simply act on impulse or, rather, on immediate thought. There is no future and no past in their mind and they only think from second to second. A naturally aggressive personality can even kill without knowing it or realizing it after the fact, even up to a few days later.

Second, individuals who are known as doormats or who allow themselves to be used on a frequent basis are usually considered by their peers as spineless. Typically, there is deep rooted anger inside of them which hardly ever surfaces, unless it is released by abusive drugs or alcohol. Then, someone who is known for generally being sweet and kind can become quite dangerous very quickly.

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