Coworkers with Drug Addiction

Employee Drug Testing,  Breathalyser, Workplace Drug TestWhen working in an office, you will frequently find that you get to know your coworkers almost as well as you know your own family. Their idiosyncrasies, their habits, their family secrets, their passions and their personalities all come to light. When workplace drug testing reveals a coworker who is abusing drugs or alcohol, their reputation can be marred for quite some time. People trust them less and when something goes wrong, they are most likely to be blamed. On the other hand, coworkers can seem like an extension of your own family, and therefore, you may wish to help them out if you already know that they have an addiction. Drug and alcohol testing may cause them to lose their job. What do you do?

As much as this may seem like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, there is a simple solution: protect your assets. Often, individuals who have addicted family members seek to “fix” the addict by making excuses for them, covering for them when they commit crimes and break trusts, helping them out of precarious situations, and sinking a great deal of resources into helping the addict. As well intentioned as this behavior may be, it is actually very destructive. Employee pre screening tests are given because addicts are notorious for sinking to unreliable depths, such as lying, stealing, and even physical violence in order to preserve their lifestyle.

When a family member or friend of a drug addict or alcoholic enables the addict to continue in their behavior, they are hurting themselves more than they are helping anyone else. Addicts have no desire to change or better themselves, or they would be making rather difficult decisions to change their own behavior. If you are helping them, you are effectively removing this personal decision from their world, and are merely becoming a stepping stone on which they tread as often as you allow them. Drug and alcohol testing in both the home and the job site keeps this codependent relationship out of healthy family and work interactions.

This is why we provide businesses with high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment. CMM Technology believes in people and in maintaining healthy relationships with people. Coworkers must be a healthy part of your work experience and if they are not, then at least one member of your team is not holding themselves responsible for their actions. Contact us today to find out more about our drug and alcohol testing products: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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