Covering Your Company Topsoil

digital thermometersAny agriculturalist knows that covering your topsoil is priority number one in land care. Without your soil being covered, rain evaporates and washes away, rivers dry up, planted areas become desert, and so on. The only way to cover you topsoil is to use grasses, plants, trees, and usually a combination of all three. After all, it must be well covered and well planted. Many agriculturalists know the age old truth that roaming herds of animals, such as cattle and buffalo and so on, both cut the grasses from feeding and fertilize the soil through their dung.

The point of all this is to maximize the capabilities of all parts of the plants and fauna which occupy, live on and feed from the same soil. There is a way to make it guaranteed that soil erosion will go away, but it involves planned grazing by pasture caretakers. Anyway, this principle applies to your business today. Covering your company’s topsoil is the same as protecting your company’s most valuable and basic assets: your workers.

Safety regulations for many companies, especially those in high hazard industries, involve mandatory drug tests and alcohol screening tests. However, many of these situations are undervalued by other companies. It is very important to remember that employee drug testing is one of the best ways to ensure safety that has been invented so far. I am safe and secure in my growth. When workers are exposed to high stress, high pressure situations, they can easily become overwhelmed by them. However, if their coworkers are high or drunk, this stress and concern over their own personal safety skyrockets.

Screening tests ensure that management understands who is taken over by substance abuse and who is free of it. This makes a difference, not just in physical safety, but also in employee morale. It’s nice to go to work where everything is not absolutely stress oriented in every way. It’s nice to have some peace and to enjoy your own craftsmanship.

CMM Technology is one of the leading drug test equipment distributors in Perth, and we pride ourselves on this reputation, just as we pride ourselves on our high quality drug test kits and other products. We know your employees are the most valuable asset you have access to. We want to help you protect them just as much as you do. Call CMM Technology today to ask more: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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