Control Temperament

Temperament is a person’s inherent nature regarding themselves and the world. It is not so much their personality as their more primal nature. ItControl Temperament depicts who they are underneath their public persona and underneath the attitude which they show in their private lives.

Controlling temperament in your employees is really important for one reason. Underneath the professional veneer, there are many different types of temperaments and people are not always what they seem to be. It is this exact fact which has led many scientists to try studying humans on a bit more of a statistical basis. If humans can be broken down into a complex system of various predictable patterns, then surely behavior can be predicted and many employees can be vetted by simply having them take a test.

Of course, this is not entirely possible to do with our current technology. The vast mix of humans and behaviors and histories and patterns give this task such an impossible goal, and whoever is implementing the tests such a degree of arrogance over his or her fellow man, that simpler means are necessary.

This is why employee drug testing is so popular today. It is used over and over again by various companies to deduce who is abusing drugs and alcohol in the workplace and who is clean. This, after all, can be scientifically deduced, as opposed to the crazy personality quiz given above.

CMM Technology provides the drug test equipment and personal breathalyser devices to accomplish such lofty goals. In fact, our whole purpose is to make business in Australia more efficient and more effective. How can you do business when such specific, yet dangerous, questions about your employees are left open ended? You must have this data. You must be able to control the temperament, if not the personality, of all of your employees. To this end, we have even designed drug test kits which have built adulterant tests to check for cheating. Our oral fluid drug test is especially popular, since it does not involve going to the toilets to conduct the test. To find out more about our urine drug tests, too, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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