Germs can be easily spread from organism to organism. While many people consider themselves to be germaphobes, the truth is that exposure to germs, especially at a young age, helps to build and strengthen your immune system. The question that germs spread, though, has never really been under dispute. Lots of things are contagious, and influenza and the common cold are just two kinds of contagious factors. There are many things which can easily spread from person to person, like knowledge, rumors, behavior, habits…habits especially become contagious, particularly if one person is stronger than the other and they are living together. Bad and good habits can be highly influential and the weaker individual of the two can find themselves living similarly to their housemate.

As a child, you were likely told by your parents that you are known by the company which you keep. This is true on many different levels, since our friends are specifically chosen by us and the people we hang around with are specifically chosen by us. It is rare that one does not have control over such things. This is why alcoholics and drug addicts who have joined support groups are so aware of how destructive it can be to hang out with fellow addicts. The lifestyles definitely rub off from one person to the next. In addition to this, it is recommended that people who are not addicted do not live with addicts, since this behavior, mindset, habit, and weaknesses can indeed be transferred from one person to the next. Both alcoholism and drug addiction are highly contagious.

Just as germaphobes attempt to control with what they come in contact through the use of pocket sanitizer and such things, many people wish to control how well they come in contact with contagious things. However, this is not always possible, because people are everywhere and unless you are a hermit living off of the land, you are not likely to find yourself in a situation where you can truly avoid this. Self discipline, making personal choices, and sticking with them are all ways in which you can control how alcohol and drugs come in contact with you and your lifestyle. Employee drug and alcohol testing is just one of the many ways to help you with this. Call CMM Technology today for information on how to order our drug and alcohol screening equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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