Confidence in Compounding

Confidence in CompoundingPeople who are always trying to innovate rather than just duplicate a good system tend to also be people who live in the moment all the time and who do not understand the timelines and planning of intuitive people. Because they live in the moment, these individuals really do not see how repeating a certain action over and over again will help them down the line. They fail to grasp the power of compounding because, in their minds, timelines are not very solid or reliable and it is always best to count on what the present holds and not rely too much upon the future.

Those who have confidence in compounding, however, make great business strategists. They work on plans and projections, they can reliably intuit when something may happen to affect their plans, and they act accordingly. They’re great planners and they are great doers.

Well, in the business world, very few people are this way and even fewer use all of the talents that they are given on a regular basis. Very few people understand or leverage their strengths or acknowledge and plan for their weaknesses. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your employees were like this?

Rapid STAT saliva drug test and our other drug test kits help only to identify which of your employees may be engaged in substance abuse while on the jobsite. They cannot determine if coworkers have matched personalities or are employed in the most leveraged way possible. What they can, however, detect is what level of emotional stress a worker must be under in order to be engaged in that type of behavior. This is not directly, of course, but you can make certain educated guesses based upon their behavior when they are sober. While you may not be able to help them, through employee drug testing you are able to identify potential or current problems in your business and help your company itself. That’s plenty good enough to be worth the effort, time and money involved in implementing screening tests. To find out if your employees are fit for duty, order from us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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