Concentration and Single Mindedness

Oral fluid drug tests and urine drug tests are instrumental in any company’s drug testing program. Employee drug testing isConcentration and Creation and DestructionSingle Mindednessnecessary in order to protect your business assets, prevent accidents or injuries, protect the civilian population from inebriated employees, and to watch out for the safety of current employees.

Anyone who has worked with a drug addict will understand that concentration and single mindedness are NOT one of their strong points. An addict who is under the influence of either alcohol or drugs does not have full control over their own mind, and so they cannot concentrate, even if they desired to and really stuck to it and tried. There is, inherently, a freeing of chemicals in the brain, and nothing can put these loosened thoughts back in their place without being sober.

However, single mindedness and concentration ARE attributes of some of the best employees in the world. Drug testing reveals who is being responsible while at work and who isn’t. Though there are, indeed, exceptions to this rule, most high employees do not have a strong work ethic and most sober employees do not seek to separate themselves from the responsibilities of their work. So, in essence, responsibility is connected to soberness of mind. While there are many stereotypes about the two being part of the same type of individual, the truth is that they really are connected when it comes to human habituation. Hard workers wish to do a good job, and crack-heads seek to find an easy job so that they can relax and enjoy their high.

So, while there are many exceptions and stipulations to this rule, employee drug test is tied in with determining who is responsible and who is irresponsible in your workforce. However, screening tests are not just for this purpose. Under the law, your company is liable for any injuries sustained while an inebriated employee is on or coming from work. Your business, not the guilty part, is liable. That is a dangerous position to be in if you lack the added comfort and reassurance that alcohol and drug testing bring to your worksite. Call us today at: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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