Common Excuses for Drinking

Recalibration Service, Drug & Alcohol TestWhen dealing with an employee who is abusing alcohol, it helps to know why they are drinking, or at least they believe they are drinking. Obviously, if they are abusing alcohol, they are using this as a coping mechanism and are unable or do not choose to find solutions in reality. However, there are some common excuses that many people use to excuse their alcoholic behavior and may be indicative signs of abuse:

“I’m lonely.”

Whether they have just broken up with a romantic partner, or they believe themselves incapable of finding a romantic partner, many people use loneliness as an excuse to continue drinking after they recover from their initial setback.

“I have an abusive past.”

This one can be particularly common in poor cultures or socio-economic statuses, where basic survival became too much for certain family members and they took it out on those who were weaker. There are, however, many different levels of abuse, and sometimes this is overused in order to justify actual laziness.

“I’m having problems with family.”

This one is perhaps the most relevant excuse, and it is also the least “special” case. Everyone has problems of one type of another with family. However, family or spousal issues are indeed the most likely to affect one’s emotional status or workplace behavior.

“I’m hard on my luck.”

Whether they are having temporary problems in their lives, or they keep themselves in perpetual hard through gambling, unwise financial decisions, or perhaps an abrasive personality, it is up to each individual to take responsibility for their own actions or lack thereof and learn to pull themselves back into a positive place. Whatever their situation, alcohol abuse will not help them to become steadier or more reliable to themselves, much less your company.

“I have low self esteem.”

While this may be true, low self esteem is only made worse through alcohol abuse, not better. The mind begins questioning basic decisions and preying upon itself in a cycle which thwarts any remaining self esteem the person may still possess.

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