Common Cannabis Use

 Drug Testing In Western Australia, Chain Of CustodyCannabis, weed, hash, and many other names for which it is known is perhaps the most commonly traded and used illegal drug within common society today. It is considered a non-dangerous drug by addicts and is generally monetarily cheap to obtain, though, as with any product, the quality of the “weed” determines the price set upon it. Common cannabis use entails rolling a “joint” and smoking it. Marijuana is abused by many employees of both major and minor businesses, which is why workplace drug testing is so prevalent today. Employee pre screening tests are necessary in order to obtain a drug free workplace and a safe environment to complete tasks.

Cannabis use typically begins during the teenage years, as part of the “experimental” stage of life, where individuals try out different things, including alcohol and drug abuse. Marijuana is considered a fairly innocuous drug, and therefore is the beginning drug of choice ofmany teens. It is considered a “gateway” drug by many health experts, since cannabis abuse can increase and encourage participants to engage in hard core drugs, such as crack cocaine and methamphetamine. Marijuana is occasionally used for medical purposes and many addicts request medical marijuana, but of course this is prohibited unless necessary. Major corporations automatically use employee pre screening tests as part of their job application process, whereas minor businesses use less expensive, more infrequent testing in order to maintain a drug free workplace.

Many businesses, in the process of their standard drug and alcohol testing procedures, catch low level marijuana addicts who are still abusing cannabis on the side, as part of a light recreational experience. These employees not only endanger their coworkers and the customers, but they do not take their job very seriously and typically have a very casual, laid-back view of their job duties. Workplace drug testing and alcohol breathalyser testing makes everything much simpler by requiring employees to maintain a quality work ethic…and to leave if they do not. This is why CMM Technology employs experts in business integration with on-site testing and workplace drug and alcohol testing equipment. We stock Oraline drug tests and Lion Alcoblow breathalyser tests. We are happy to serve you by keeping your business standards high.

Cannabis is a common drug and is abuse frequently due to its cheap price and relatively low side effects. However, drug and alcohol testing equipment can reduce the effect of cannabis on your jobsite. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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