Cold Practicalities in Our World

onsite drug testingWe have a lot of seemingly cold, inhuman practices in our world, but the truth is that many of those practices are based upon human needs. For example, it may seem cold at first to ignore dead bodies at the scene of a natural disaster, but in reality, it is far more productive to try to find any survivors rather than to bury the dead bodies right away. There is a practicality to the order of action taken, and it serves a very real purpose.

Sometimes, it is necessary to perform practical tasks which have a functional purpose, rather than going with our feelings or preferences. Sometimes, there is more benefit in function than in emotional release, at least temporarily. Now, in the end, emotional release will need to be dealt with, effectively and thoroughly. However, when it comes to the needs of the current situation, practicality wins over everything else.

Our world needs businesses which are able to employ happy, healthy, clear headed workers. However, some employees engage in drug or alcohol abuse, and this makes the whole structure weaker, because their disease and mental attitudes win out over the positive attitudes of several people around them. Even positive people can be easily drug down into the mud through influence.

Now, today, we have drug testing programs and companies which assist you with these programs. Also, we have companies like CMM Technology which provide you with drug test equipment and breathalyser alcohol tests. This means that you can have onsite drug testing without the inconvenience and hassle of sending your employees to a laboratory. Therefore, we ask you to look at the cold practicality of this system. Employees may not enjoy being screened for drugs, but practically speaking, your job is to protect them while they work for your business. Employee drug testing using our saliva drug tests and urine drug tests is the only solution for this problem. You must be well informed. Without that, you will not find yourself capable of making truly objective decisions. Give in to your practical nature and look at the drug test equipment that CMM Technology provides for you. We provide breathalyser recalibration which is accredited by NATA. And call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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