CMM Technology and the Well Crafted Test

What makes a well crafted product? Well, here at CMM Technology, we think that all products, whether they are toys or air conditioners, shouldCMM Technology and the Well Crafted Test be crafted with an emphasis on three aspects: simplicity, function, and aesthetic design.

Simplicity is first and foremost. If you cannot have an effective drug test kit without complexity, then it is not a good one. Simplicity is natural to humans and it is aesthetically appealing to humans. We must always remember this, for we are prone to making things more complex than they need to be. This is due to our capacity to handle and understand complex patterns, but it can also be our downfall if we do not have perspective, as well.

Function is next, though it could very well be first. Function means that the product must do exactly what it claims to do, and it must do it well. There should not be any doubt as to whether or not that product can perform that function. People must be used to the standard performance of the equipment, and it must be reliably solid. Drug test equipment, including alcohol tests, requires very fine tuning, but a well built test can last for a while before needing to be used. A well built breathalyser device can be recalibrated over and over without losing its accuracy.

Aesthetic design is one of the most influential out of the three things. Design or beauty is necessary in order for humans to think of their products as being worth using. Beauty is inherent in the world, and we have always admired it, even before we were said to be attacked by the advertising industry. Beauty is the main ingredient in all things which we love.

At CMM Technology, we believe that we have products which fit all three categories, and fit them well. The well crafted test is a hard thing to find, but drug test equipment is more and more accurate these days, allowing technology to be bent to our will. Be sure to check out our Rapid Stat saliva drug test and to take a look at our NATA accredited recalibration service: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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