Climb Around the Top, Not Over It

Urine Drug Test On-SiteHave you ever watched a documentary or video of someone rock climbing? In these situations, the person is often very muscular and agile, but more importantly, if they have any experience at all, they are going about climbing the mountain in a very intuitive and rational way.

In the beginning, the climber may choose a fairly shallow slope, but they may come across some pretty steep or overhanging rocks pretty soon. On that level, they are a ways above the ground, and they begin really making use of their climbing equipment. In addition to that, they view the side of the mountain as a vertical plane, with which they can absolutely interact with successfully.

They find that are able to do a lot more for the climbing experience if they do not climb outside of their skill level or only a little bit outside of their skill level. As you continue to watch the video, be sure and look at what they are doing against the flat surfaces of the rock. They find finger and toe holds, they find planes which are less dangerous, and they begin to near the top.

Now, when you are nearing the top of a mountain, it is not necessarily a good idea to just try to climb straight up. You may want very badly to do this, but the smart thing may be to resist this urge and instead work your way around the top, in a corkscrew manner, rather than just going straight over it. Also, by climbing it straight upward, you may be tempted to come down the same way, instead of in a corkscrew manner, and that can be really dangerous.

The same rules apply in business. When you are implement employee drug testing, make sure you have your equipment ready, like the drug test equipment from CMM Technology, don’t use any overkill on convincing your employees that this is a good thing, and play it smart. Just tell your workers that drug testing will be done on a regular basis, get your drug test kits and alcohol tests from CMM Technology, and proceed in a very simple, light manner. This will probably lead your employees through the process with the least friction: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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