Clenching Your Energy

Different images pop in your head when you think of the word “clenching,”CMM Technology there is a valid reason why we are using it in our article. When people have trouble achieving and maintaining healthy relationships with other people, it is generally due to low emotional intelligence. This means the ability to handle and successfully interact with yourself and your environment at any given point in your life. When someone does run across a situation where they feel especially incompetent to handle with ease and grace, they take whatever energy and force of will that they do have, and they twist and morph it until it seems to them like something to defend themselves with. For example, if an outgoing charmer runs across a tense situation which he feels he has no competence in, the first thing he will try to do is put everyone at ease with the situation (because that is a talent he feels competent in), even if the situation calls for a different line of action.

This clenching and distorting of your own energy into various things in order to make you feel back in control of your own life is quite common. It manifests itself in many different forms. For example, one woman may engage in self masochism, while a man may spend his evening bawling into the phone, begging an ex to come back. These are typical scenarios among people who are not able to handle or deal effectively with their own lives. Unfortunately, the end result can often be tragic, if not just for themselves, but also for their children, roommates, friendly and close family members who are affected by their inability to deal with reality or life. Drug abuse and alcohol abuse only serve to increase this incompetency in these individuals. It is far better to keep searching and looking for very real answers, rather than only looking to escape an unpleasant or suffering situation. CMM Technology recommends employee drug and alcohol testing in order to help maintain a positive, growing atmosphere in the workplace. Check out our Oraline saliva drug tests, our Medix urine drug tests, and how low the cost of drug and alcohol testing really can be. We would love to hear from you. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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