Cleaning Out the Dead Waste

Cleaning Out the Dead WasteOne of the most important parts of a human cell is its ability to expel waste from itself. That is how it can keep regenerating itself over and over again and live longer. As we know from many analogies drawn between business and human biology, a company must perform similar functions in order to keep itself going year after year. A good business system is great. Great managers are wonderful. Lots of enthusiasm is, of course, desired. But if they cannot all be put together into a company which cuts out the dead waste, then there will be plenty of backups and deficiencies in production and quality.

CMM Technology specializes in dead waste. No, not in that way. Rather, we help you to ascertain which of your workers engage in alcohol and drug abuse and which are smart enough to control themselves when they are on or near the workplace environment. There is a lot at stake, after all. Your assets, your clients, your customers if you sell products, your revenue stream, and everyone’s jobs are all at stake.

Before you remove someone’s job entirely, though, of course you have to look at their overall contribution. Are they performing at their peak? Do they improve morale around them? Do they make things flow more quickly and at higher quality? These things are important when figuring out what is best for your company, in addition to their record concerning employee drug testing.

In fact, many companies give their employees multiple chances before firing them if they break policy. Come to us for your drug test equipment, try our oral fluid drug tests, and review their evaluation forms and talk to their managers to determine if they are fit for duty. We also provide breathalyser recalibration service, which is helpful to use on the breathalyser devices you may already have. This saves costs, and we do it for any type of breathalyser, not just our own. Drug testing is important in cutting out the dead waste. You cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting your valuable assets. For more information concerning CMM Technology, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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