Civilization and the Wild

Civilization has long been a supporter of employee drug testing. Long have civilized nations and companies looked to drug test kits to determine who isCivilization and the Wild civil and who is wild. Unfortunately, wild people have received a bad name from the ultra-sterilization of civilized society. This is a case where it is far better to look at the results of employee drug testing, rather than the controlled need to bring more civilization to the workplace.

Wildness has long been the symbol for those who are self governed. This is not to say that they are anarchistic or in any way illegal, immoral or hurtful. This is only to say that wildness is the law of self government, rather than government through the power of others. And wild individuals make strong reputations for themselves.

Is it not the self regulated employee who is given more responsibility?

Is it not the self disciplined employee who is trusted more than anyone else?

Instead, civilization reduces the need to build these internal controls by which people govern their own behavior. It is this lack of wildness, this lack of self government, which necessitates the use of employee drug testing. LifeLoc FC10 is one of our best breathalyser devices, and we also provides breathalyser recalibration services. We want your staff to be fit for duty just as much as you do, and we are here to help make sure that that happens.

Civilized individuals believe in someone else supporting them while they break just enough rules to make themselves feel in control of their own lives. Well, that’s no good. There should be internal self discipline which is being exercised and strengthened over time, not hacked away at by drug abuse and alcoholism at the workplace.

Have some self respect and have some respect for your job. Protect the lives and the working conditions of your employees. Show them who is keeping them safe. Try our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6, and see our sister site for onsite drug testing. AOD should be kept off of the worksite. Drug testing is easy, simple and safe with us. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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