Circumventing the Truth

Circumventing the TruthThe truth can be subjective, but more often than not many people choose subjectivity completely, and nobody is really actually speaking the truth. It is so easy to circumvent the truth. It is so simple to lie and step aside when truth is aimed at you. Easy deception is one of the many ways in which we communicate with each other and avoid conflict. It is such a fragile life that we all live, one in which clay and spirit and humanity come together and struggle for dominance, and one in which we are all supposed to find a purpose, when few of us realize that we create both our purpose and our method of fulfilling our purpose on this earth.

What about the truth? It too easily indicates what is really going on, and it too easily shows us how fragile our lives really are. Our fears drive us to crave stability and changelessness. However, it is in changelessness where danger truly lies. In order for the mind to win over the body, or the spirit to win over the clay, growth must occur. And this growth cannot occur when we so adamantly cling to the old and never inspect or discern about the new. It is in this environment of stagnation where addiction can feed.

In the professional world, you must be able to see things as they are, and not as you would like them to be. While many professionals can do just this, there are jobs and careers which allow an individual to disconnect from reality, and live in their own world. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. We all need our dream worlds. But we are responsible for the lives and welfare of others when we’re at work. Our actions really go a long way, whether we believe they do or not.

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