Children of the Drug

Drug Addicted Children, Children of AlcoholicsEvery year, thousands of children of drug addicts are born into disease. These diseases are not simply the highly-contagious, highly-fatal sicknesses, such as HIV and AIDS. They filter down through many levels of direct and indirect consequences of the drug or alcohol abuse of the parents. Babies can be born addicted, but many health care facilities can take them off of this addiction through a series of steps. Unfortunately, indirect consequences can take the form of other diseases, such as cerebral palsy, learning disorders and autism. Without dying or being addicted to the substance themselves, many children will have to grow up fighting the repercussions of their parents’ irresponsible behavior.

Later on, when diseased children must learn familial and relationship boundaries, it is hoped that their parents are now clean and that their children are receiving proper care, nutrition and behavioral role modeling. However, since this is not likely to occur in every situation, one must remember how greatly their perception of reality will be altered.

If parents continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, their children may believe that consequences are not relevant and that the world is a place of “screw-or-be-screwed.” Their goals do not include developing and maintaining relationships with healthy individuals, but do include gaining a place of power that they might continue the destructive cycle with other people.

If parents do not care for their children’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs, then their children may become older believing that each individual must and should take care of themselves, and that outside emotional bonding is a sign of weakness or cowardice. This behavioral precedent given by the parents alters the child’s sense of and ability to control their own power.

If parents do not present realistic and healthy role modeling behavior, their children simply mimic them when presented with a new situation, a lack of knowledge, or a better lifestyle. This means that, an alcoholic may push all positive family members away, and their child will push all positive relationship interaction away. A drug addict may receive what they want through lying, deception or emotional manipulation, and their child will already be in this habit by the age of ten.

Do not underestimate the power and influence that substance abuse has upon the next generation. It is nice to think that children are the hope of the world, but they are being taught by individuals who are no less human than the previous generations. Taking personal responsibility means that you demonstrate personal responsibility to those who are watching.

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