Central Heating and Air

When you breathe constantly recycled air throughout the day, the effect does different things to different people. Some people develop respiratory Central Heating and Airproblems because they are so unused to anything new or fresh being inhaled. Some people do well because of the lack of change in the air. And, some people just hate it, because they prefer fresh air and sunshine.

When an office building has central heating and air, as opposed to the far more unsightly window air conditioners, then the air is recycled and everyone is breathing air which has been filtered and then sent back through the office. There is no such thing as fresh air, because the old air is still being reused.

While there are physical dependencies and emotional reasons for drug addiction, one of the simpler, more basic reasons is lack of healthy body conditions. Many people who hate working in an office actually hate the physical toll it takes on their bodies. After being exposed to this for a long time, they may be far more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol than they were before. Of course, it makes a difference when you use your non-working time to spend time in the sunshine and fresh air and moving your body around.

CMM Technology has brought businesses all over Australia high quality drug test equipment for years now. We are NATA accredited and we are proud to bear this accreditation. It means that we can assuredly bring you professional service time and again. It means that our recalibration service is top of the line and annually audited to maintain standards. It means that our business is set up for the benefit of our customers and not our own personal gain.

When you are using urine drug tests and other screening tests on your own employees, remember to look at their working conditions, not in terms of hardship and safety, but in terms of basic human health. It might make a difference. And, on a more positive note, make sure that your employee drug testing is as accurate as possible by purchasing equipment from CMM Technology: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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