Can You Stop the Cycle of Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

breathalyser recalibration service, breathalyser calibrationStudies of drug addiction and alcoholism have shown that the sickness essentially feeds on itself, perpetuating a series of hormonal and emotional depletions, until the substance is abused so much that it causes death. Is there any easy way to step out of this cycle and just live a normal life?

The truth is, your tissues need to be fed. With or without any type of substance abuse, you will feel quite poorly if you have not hydrated and fed your tissues nutrients lately. Now, there are some quick ways of feeling better through food intake, such as jalapeno soup. It is important to remember that your body can only handle so much heat at one time, so you may feel gastronomical effects if you continue eating the jalapeno soup without any other food in between. A simple recipe uses jalapeno peppers, potatoes, stew meat, one small onion, and carrots in a large soup. Cook it for an hour at least to reduce the heat-producing capsaicin in the jalapenos. Capsaicin also increases endorphin production in your body, so you will feel a small, natural “high” after eating the soup. This is the elusive feeling of “wellbeing” which you keep hearing about in alternative medicine commercials, but which you do not really believe.

Sometimes, behavioral psychology steps in and saves the day. Sometimes, it is helpful to simply do things which are out of character for you. You see, the harder and more often you continue a habit, the deeper the mental focus on accomplishing that task. Stopping the vicious cycle of drug abuse and alcohol addiction has to begin somewhere and it might as well begin outside of your practiced and memorized former patterns of behavior. REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) concentrates on the active choices we make, rather than blaming circumstances in our past and robbing us of that personal decision and control.

As you can see, both physical nutrition deficiencies and mental obsessions contribute to the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse, both in the workplace and in your cozy little home. They are contributing parts of the whole, all of which are needed to decrease desire for and addiction to illicit substances. The cycle of drug abuse and alcoholism can be stopped, but it requires participation in many different methods of healing. Swearing by only one form of treatment will slow the process down and you will still not be able to understand why it does not fix everything.

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