Building Your Repertoire

When it comes to your professional repertoire of skills and maintenance experience, you may have to have a lot on your list before you appear a Building Your Repertoireformidable team player in the potential employer.

Sometimes, it is more than just technical experience. Many organizations are looking for a combination of technical skills and experience working with and above people. After all, only half of your job will be technical. The other half will be working as a team player, as a leader, and as a follower. If you are a professional people person in addition to being a professional computer analyst, say, then you are far more valuable than your nonsocial competitor.

Part of having people skills is the ability to manage others in a way that they do not feel truly manipulated and that gives you the reputation of being solid and trustworthy with them. Obviously, if you cannot accomplish this, then why would anyone have reason to hire you, unless of course your job entails being stuck in a back office away from all the other humans in the office building. However, you would still have to receive instruction and you would perhaps be over other people, so that would definitely be a factor in determining your true job qualifications.

At CMM Technology, we understand that people who abuse substances while or around the workplace probably lack these skills and probably are more likely to be stressed out by other people than the more socially adept. For this reason, we know how important drug testing can be to a valuable employer. Screening tests determining whether a worker is fit for duty are very important, and you should be able to rely upon them as you would your most trusted personnel. Our ToxSure saliva drug test is top rate, and we would also recommend our Lifeloc FC10 alcohol breathalyser devices when you are searching for proper drug test equipment and alcohol tests.

Build your repertoire as a boss by using tools like drug testing to show what matters to you: things like safety and employee reliability and the valuation of everyone’s job. To order from our warehouse, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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