Breaking Before You Need to Break

Many people in first world countries are living paycheck to paycheck, not because they have to, but because their system of living has become so reliable that they do not need to invest any more time, effort, energy or planning into their lifestyle maintenance than necessary. In other words, they perform the minimum requirements for getting and keeping themselves on track. In the workplace environment, even level-headed people often do this, as well. And people who are working against an emotional barrier in their daily lives, they often do not take a break from successful activity until they absolutely positively need to.

Breaking before you need to take a break is one of the habits of someone with a well regulated life, and who regulates their emotions and their finances correctly and are not in deep terror or distress if the economy takes a downturn and they are laid off. In fact, many people who stay calm after losing employment are more likely to regain employment in a very short period of time, contrary to their more volatile and stress-powered counterparts. Thinking simply and living simply are successful activities because they do not carry the stress with them which many people associate with things like job loss, personal issues, family troubles and financial problems.

This self regulation allows you to keep a great deal of your personal self control, self guidance and private opinions. Individuals who do not regulate even their own break times with such clarity often find themselves indulging private information about themselves which they had not intended to divulge. This is a symptom of needing company and getting excited, even in a positive way, during conversation with other people. Often, individuals who react in this manner find themselves feeling vulnerable and defensive after disclosing their private information.

Employee drug testing is designed to help people separate their private and public personas, and to regulate their activities in order to prevent this rollercoaster behavior back and forth between high productivity and low motivation. This is a dangerous way to live, and it is unsettling for your other employees, not to mention your clients. Call CMM Technology today for more information about our drug and alcohol testing equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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