Born Addicted

Alcohol Test, Drug & Alcohol Test, Drug & Alcohol TestingA small percentage of the population is born addicted to drugs because of the drug intake of their parents. These children suffer from a variety of illnesses, from small birth size to cerebral palsy to mental retardation. It is unfortunate that such horrible consequences of their parents’ behavior should be wreaked upon these little ones. Fortunately, drug and alcohol testing both in the workplace and in the home help to eliminate the possibility that children will be born addicted. Workplace drug testing helps adults to hold themselves responsible for their actions, which includes actions pertaining to their future offspring. It is this interest in their future which changes their present.

Children who are born addicted often grow up with addicted parents

Another benefit of workplace drug and alcohol testing is that the children of formerly addicted parents are less likely to grow up in an abusive household. Drug testing is a key ingredient in safeguarding businesses from misuse of their assets, but it has another positive side effect on the families of employees. It creates a situation where the adult employees must maintain consistent lives in order to keep their jobs. The children are kept safe and all is well.

Marriages last longer when addictions are confronted

Drug testing is especially helpful for the heads of household. The resulting self control and teaching of actual success through responsibility and managing fears and stress are welcomed by non-addicted spouses. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace relieves the tension in the household when one spouse comes home late and they are out of control. Not only does employee pre screening help business protect their assets, but it also builds better employees and better families of employees. This is a positive, surrounding environment which will prevent further drug abuse in the future.

Each variety of disease is a coping mechanism for an unnatural occurrence

We have all heard that brain tumors are the result of one personality type, and that heart disease is the result of another. Children who are born addicted encounter great amounts of danger in their home life growing up. Children are meant to be guarded and protected by their parents, not targeted. When their “safe” home environment becomes violent, they may develop specific diseases which protect them from outside abuse. Some children are savants, some develop illnesses which are so fragile that it brings out the last drop of parental instincts in their attackers, and some withdraw and may even turn into mild savants.

As you see, drug and alcohol testing has a rippling effect on the outer environments of a business. Companies are run by leaders, investors, managers and employees and their family lives are impacted by and have an impact on the health of the organization. Contact us today to learn more about drug and alcohol testing equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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